Our next Chester event

Wednesday 13th September

The Chester Grosvenor- Chester


Time - 10am registration for a 10.30am start

Presenter - Victoria Lee of The Moment Photography

Topic - A Practical Guide to Portrait Photography

Would you like to learn how to take better photographs of people? Be it your family, loved ones,
friends or in business? All great portraits, whether they are taken on a camera phone or an SLR
camera depend on the photographerâs ability to use light and pose the subject.
The great news is you donât need to understand anything about apertures and shutter speeds,
as this is not a seminar about technical photography. I will teach you how to think about photography
differently. You can forget the camera and concentrate on whatâs around you. The camera is actually
the last thing you need to take a photo - literally!

About the Presenter
Victoria Lee: I am a portrait photographer based in North Wales. I donât consider my photography
as a job. I love to photograph. Whether for my clients, my family or just for me, I love to capture
images. Combine that with my love of peoples stories and you get why I am a portrait photographer.
I treasure the images I take of my husband and little boy. I love to capture images for clients knowing
that, like our own family images, they will treasure them for years to come.

How will members benefit?
By learning simple portrait photography techniques you will be able to concentrate on your subject,
light and background and have lots of fun taking pictures of people without getting weighted down
with too much technicality.
What will they learn?
I will teach you how to look for the best backgrounds. How to use the light available to you, and how
to relate to the people you are photographing.
Please bring along your own camera - It doesnât matter if you have a compact camera, a smart phone
or SLR. After the presentation we will have a bit of time to go outside and practice some of what we
have learnt.

How can you apply it to your Business?
Maybe you need to take PR shots for your business, or photograph events. By following these
simple techniques you will be able to take more professional shots to use in your business.



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New Hands

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Wednesday 13th September

The Chester Grosvenor

What members and guests say

"Congratulations on running a really relaxed feeling event. I met some lovely people some of whom already I hope to do Business with."

Helen Rae
Helen Rae Photography

"The Business Network lunches attract high quality attendees and the organisers put a great deal of effort into understanding the kind of contacts that each member is looking to make. The result is that more often than not you find yourself sitting with other members with whom there is genuine scope for you to do business with, making the experience both enjoyable and very worthwhile."

Nick Clarke
Aaron & Partners Llp