To help you plan your day here are the timings of our events:

10.15 am - Register for educational seminar

10.30 am - Seminar starts

11.40 - Seminar ends 

11.45-12.00 Registration for main networking event

12-12.15 - Opening comments from Tracy and finalise breakout groups

12.15-1.15 Networking in small breakout groups of 5-7 people where you can promote your Business, learn from other attendees and find ways to collaborate

1.15-1.30 - announcements, testimonials and thank you's shared.

1.30-1.45 - after lunch speaker

1.45-2.00pm - Closing comments and wrap up.

Event Dates - A list of all our forthcoming events are below

Please note we are currently meeting On Line via private and secure ZOOM link which is released only to pre qualified attendees.

  • March: Thursday 11th, Online Networking Event

    Time - 10:15 till 11.30

    Presenter - Andy Lowe from Sandler Training



    Whilst we continue with our online business networking events, we are also aware that how we present ourselves on platforms like Linkedin can also have a big impact on our degree of success.

    Yes ? Linkedin can instill fear, frustration and a sense of failure to some. For others confident with the platform it can seem a little like you are on the hamster wheel ? forever churning content ? with little thought for what you actually want to achieve from that time investment other than ?noise? on your profile.

    So ? why not STOP ? and join us at our online business networking seminar and have a robust and achievable plan for managing your network online via Linkedin?

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    Online Business networking ? deepening your connections

    How often do we sit scrolling through content on Linkedin,

    • Worried we don?t have the time to create our own content?
    • Frustrated that we don?t have good enough ideas for content?
    • Disillusioned that no matter what we do we never get many views?
    • Disappointed that connections are just that ? and not relationships?
    • Overwhelmed at the scale of the job of just even getting started?

    Then this seminar is for you!

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    Learnings from our Online Business networking seminar.

    At this Online Business networking seminar ? our multi-talented Andy Lowe of Sandler training will take us through some of the tools, tips and disciplines that can make Linkedin a fantastic source of connections, opportunities and collaborators.

    Andy will share during this Online Business networking seminar some key principles and tips that will allow you to

    • Enhance your personal branding
    • Develop a proactive approach for broadening your network
    • Devise a multi level content approach that works for you
    • Create a ?win win? approach to make Linkedin an essential part of your networking success.

    Andy has a big bag of usable techniques and approaches which will set you on a journey to take control of your Linkedin life.

    The best news ? you only need to commit to 2 posts a week to make a difference!

    To join us and 70 other business leaders at this great Online Business networking seminar and the networking event after just give Tracy a call and we can take care of everything else!

    Book a slot to speak here SPEAK TO TRACY

  • April: Thursday 15th, TBC

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • May: Thursday 13th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • June: Thursday 10th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • July: Thursday 8th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

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Thursday 11th March

Online Networking Event

What members and guests say

"What a warm welcome! Your event was purposeful, focussed and of a high calibre, whilst being very enjoyable! It was a delight to cry a welcome for everyone at the event!"

David Mitchell
Chester Town Crier Service

"15 May 2019 To Tracy & Hayley This is a testimonial that I write to thank you both for all you have given to me and to your chapter from my personal experience of your fabulous networking group. My personal life took a dramatic hit in April 2017 when I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, following surgery I had intensive chemotherapy and had major side effects from this which caused me to have not one but two T.I.A?s (Mini strokes). After a spell in hospital and a considerable amount of investigations I slowly started to recover and was released home, where the new life challenges began. During my recovery I was diagnosed with Anxiety & Depression which made me re-evaluate different aspects of my life and I decided to change my life for the better and make as many changes as possible. So after many cocktails, wine & desperados, my good friend and next door neighbour Robin and I decided to go into business together and buy the franchise Monopoly Buy Sell Rent Chester. We launched in January 2018 and I knew that for us to succeed we needed to network and find new contacts within Chester & surrounding area, I searched around for quite some time and didn?t really get any feedback from other groups. I connected with Tracey via Facebook Messenger which was great and I was invited to attend my first meeting in Feb 2018. I really enjoyed this experience and found Tracey and Hayley to be both welcoming and supportive. Once I had committed to attending the network meeting I became very nervous and started worrying about my ability to connect with a group of people and represent my business in the best possible way. Tracey & Hayley assured me that it was a very relaxed environment and that all I needed to do was be myself and make myself present within the meetings. Because of the strong and positive advice I was given during my first meeting, I have taken that into every Business Networking Event and more importantly I have utilised it within other aspects of my business. Since joining the networking group I have become a lot more confident with myself and how I communicate with other people and I have Tracey & Hayley to thank for that for making me feel welcome and helping me along my way. Thank you both, please give yourself a pat on the back. Kind regards Gavin Belton-Rose Director "

Gavin Belton-Rose
Monopoly Buy Sell Rent