To help you plan your day here are the timings of our events:

10.15 am - Register for educational seminar

10.30 am - Seminar starts

11.40 - Seminar ends 

11.45-12.00 Registration for main networking event

12-12.15 - Opening comments from Tracy and finalise breakout groups

12.15-1.15 Networking in small breakout groups of 5-7 people where you can promote your Business, learn from other attendees and find ways to collaborate

1.15-1.30 - announcements, testimonials and thank you's shared.

1.30-1.45 - after lunch speaker

1.45-2.00pm - Closing comments and wrap up.

Event Dates - A list of all our forthcoming events are below

Please note we are currently meeting On Line via private and secure ZOOM link which is released only to pre qualified attendees.

  • February: Thursday 11th, On line Networking Event

    Time - 10:15 till 11.30

    Presenter - Jane Bingham - The Cheshire Garden



    Our outdoor space is even more precious than ever ? is 2021 the year to make your garden design work for you?

    Garden design can be an overwhelming prospect. In the same way few of us would ever attempt to build our own house, it?s critical to engage the expertise of a qualified expert to help with your garden design to make the most of your outdoor space.

    Interested to learn more? Want to learn our experts Garden design top tips?

    Book a call with Tracy to see how we can help.

    Book A Call

    Garden design top tips- worry not! Hear from our expert to help you!

    Our Business Networking event presenter, Jane Bingham, is our route to access a whole host of Garden design top tips! Jane has successfully shown at RHS Tatton twice,  and has a host of awards to her name already;

    • Silver-Gilt Medal at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2017
    • Gold Stars for BALI Trade Stand Garden Design at RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2018
    • Silver Medal and Best Construction in Show at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2019
    • Highly Commended Award at the Pro Landscaper Business Awards 2020 in the Garden Designer Category
    • Bronze Award at the Association of Professional Landscapers Awards 2020 in the Designer of the Year Category

    Want to spend a quality hour with our Garden design top tips expert? Then book a call ? and learn more about our group.

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    So ? ready to hear from our Garden design top tips expert?

    In this fact filled educational seminar, Jane will give insights and Garden design top tips to:

    • Learn the Insider guide to the garden design process
    • Discover what to consider when planning your garden project.
    • Understand examples of different styles of gardens.
    • Show how to use hard landscaping to structure your garden
    • Bring to life the art of planting design.
    • Consider what it is to design sustainable gardens and what to do to
      • Encourage wildlife into your garden
      • Designing out waste
    • Clarify how to design a carbon neutral garden ? Considering Carbon emissions vs carbon sequestration

    To enjoy this treasure trove of advice and Garden design top tips then book to join us at our business networking event.

    We next meet on Thursday February 11th 

    The seminar runs 10.15 until 11.30 followed by our main business networking event, which runs 12-2pm, via ZOOM.

    Interested to learn more? Book a call with Tracy to see how we can help.

  • March: Thursday 11th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • April: Thursday 15th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • May: Thursday 13th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • June: Thursday 10th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • July: Thursday 8th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  


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Thursday 11th February

On line Networking Event

What members and guests say

"The Business Network Chester is like a really good casserole. Lots of ingredients, all left to slowly cook and intermingle over a long period of time and as we all know a good casserole is always worth waiting for, and gets better and better, the longer and more slowly it is cooked. So if you are a Fast food kind of person then we are probably not right for you. "

Olivia Stefanino
Be Your Own Guru Ltd

"I have been a member of The Business Network Chester from the start and always come away from the seminars and lunches with great new connections, leads and a feeling that I am getting to know the business community in Chester more and more with every visit. At Clatterbridge Cancer Research our approach is very much long term and that suits the ethos of BNC, it?s not about hard sell and more about long term relationships and building up connections. This year Tracy has gone above and beyond and took part in our major fundraising event Come Dancing, as you would expect she gave it 110% and is our reigning champion! Huge thank you to Tracy and Hayley for really making us welcome every month and bringing a real benefit to the team at CCR"

Laura Irving
Clatterbridge Cancer Research