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10.15 am - Register for educational seminar

10.30 am - Seminar starts

11.40 - Seminar ends 

11.45-12.00 Registration for main networking event

12-12.15 - Opening comments from Tracy and finalise breakout groups

12.15-1.15 Networking in small breakout groups of 5-7 people where you can promote your Business, learn from other attendees and find ways to collaborate

1.15-1.30 - announcements, testimonials and thank you's shared.

1.30-1.45 - after lunch speaker

1.45-2.00pm - Closing comments and wrap up.

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Please note we are currently meeting On Line via private and secure ZOOM link which is released only to pre qualified attendees.

  • July: Thursday 9th, Online Meeting

    Time - 10.15 for 10.30 start

    Presenter - Claire Davies of 1850 Business Solutions Ltd

    Topic - Employee engagement during COVID-19

    Why even bother with employee engagement- especially now?

    Forward thinking employers will ABSOLUTELY be thinking about employee engagement right now. Imagine you have a disparate workforce, where

    • some maybe furloughed, 
    • some may have childcare responsibilities, 
    • some may have to shield
    • some maybe have lost their sense of self through now not working - and may struggle mentally to get back
    • some may be fearful
    • some may not give a damn!

    Whatever their thinking connecting and communicating with your teams is even more critical in these times.

    An engaged workforce will - EVEN in these times be

    • happier
    • have a sense of purpose and belonging
    • feel valued and trusted

    and the evidence is massive that when employees are engaged they will

    • be more creative
    • be honest
    • adapt and flex
    • support others.

    So - wondering how to bridge the disconnect and disparate nature of your workforce in today's climate?

    Attend this seminar!

    About the presenter.

    Claire Davies is founding Director of 1850 Business Solutions Ltd.

    1850 is not just your average HR consultancy - whilst they deliver all of the usual services that you'd expect to see, Claire's priority is to enable companies to truly put their people first and therefore naturally improve their productivity and the general running of the business.

    In order to put people first, Claire focusses on areas such as employee engagement, having robust processes in place, ensuring employees feel valued and a part of the organisation. By using weekly check in tools along side usual sickness and absence rates and retention rates, Claire helps companies build a work force aligned to the Business owners values and ethics.

  • August: Wednesday 12th, Online Meeting

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  • September: Thursday 10th, TBC

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    Presenter -  

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  • October: Thursday 8th, TBC

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  • November: Thursday 5th, TBC

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  • December: Thursday 3rd, TBC

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Thursday 9th July

Online Meeting

What members and guests say

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for arranging the introduction to Sue Brocklehurst of the University of Chester Academies Trust at the last Business Network lunch. Sue was genuinely surprised during the initial introductions to learn of all the services, the members on her table could offer to the Trust. Sue did comment that having received a personal invitation from you inviting her to lunch, she could simply not refuse! I have subsequently emailed Sue and I am hoping that your initial introduction will turn into some real business. Thank as always for your continuing support and assistance."

John Loney
Oliver and Co

"I just wanted to write and thank you for such a great afternoon. Every lunch I come to I have a great time, meet new people and always come away with useful contacts and future leads. Today's raffle donation was ?140 which is fantastic and takes your total raised this year to ?515 as well as kindly allowing me to attend the lunches so I really appreciate your support. We will write a formal thank you but wanted to send this in the mean time while I'm fresh from 'Boom Whacking'!"

Laura Irving
Claire House Childrens Hospice