To help you plan your day here are the timings of our events:

10.15 am - Register for educational seminar

10.30 am - Seminar starts

11.40 - Seminar ends 

11.45-12.00 Registration for main networking event

12-12.15 - Opening comments from Tracy and finalise breakout groups

12.15-1.15 Networking in small breakout groups of 5-7 people where you can promote your Business, learn from other attendees and find ways to collaborate

1.15-1.30 - announcements, testimonials and thank you's shared.

1.30-1.45 - after lunch speaker

1.45-2.00pm - Closing comments and wrap up.

Event Dates - A list of all our forthcoming events are below

Please note we are currently meeting On Line via private and secure ZOOM link which is released only to pre qualified attendees.

  • April: Thursday 22nd, Online Networking Event

    Time - 10.15 am log on for a 10.30 start - til 11.30am

    Presenter - Julia Worthington of Amber Consulting

    Topic - Strategic partnerships and how to create a win-win!


    Whether you work in B2B, B2C or 3rd sector, forming strategic partnerships are critical to success when developing your Business or Charity funding streams.

    Regardless of our size or scale, there are local small charities and 3rd sector organisations that will always benefit from business insight and support. But strategic partnerships are not one way. We know from our own experience in supporting our member charities that when we do so we get real benefits; connection, collaboration, idea sharing, exercise, fresh air, and of course knowing we are helping many local real families that really need the support of that charity or community group.

    In this educational seminar you will learn creative and innovative ?Win-Win? ways to create good, find that perfect partner aligned to your ethos, and create boundless opportunities.

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    Strategic partnerships ? learn from experience

    • Who did Coca Cola work with to help them reduce their use of natural resources?
    • How did Network Rail tackle the challenging issue of suicide on the Railways?
    • Who did Boo Hoo work with to sell more T-shirts in lockdown?

    The answer to all these questions?

    They are strategic partnerships between a profit-making business and a not-for-profit  organisation. Can you guess the charity partners?

    To find out the answers and what they did then you need to come and join us at the event!

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    Strategic partnerships ? how do I make a choice?

    Business/charity partnerships are not soft, fluffy, nice to have alliances, they make sound business sense to both parties and you don?t need to be a multi-national to benefit.

    They can help with staff retention, resource usage, suicide prevention, employee volunteering, skills improvement, diversity, and inclusion!

    And that is just what it does for the business.

    In this seminar Julia will help you think about what are your strategic challenges are, and which UK based charity could help you overcome them?

    So come and join Julia Worthington of Amber Consulting for Fundraisers, as she helps you discover how having a well planned and strategic charity partnerships can increase profit, increase staff motivation and bring you new customers too.

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    Strategic partnerships ? there is a partner for everyone

    You may not be the partner for Coca Cola, or Network Rail ? but from School PTA?s to local community groups, to local Hospices there will be a willing group of people doing great good in their communities where Strategic partnerships can be created.

  • May: Thursday 13th, Online Networking Event

    Time - 10:15 for 10.30 start

    Presenter - Mark Byers of OG Kitchens

    Topic - Can a Values based Business succeed?


    When you think of your business and your values are you:

    • Frustrated your clients seem only focussed on price?
    • Worried your drifting along and not driving your Business forward?
    • Anxious that your Business does not live your values and passions?
    • Ready to pivot to your Passion, but scared you may alienate clients?

    Then why not take an hour to listen and learn from Mark Byers, MD of OG Kitchens?

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    Our speaker ? puts his Values at the heart of his Business.

    Mark has ?pivoted? from creating a successful digital marketing agency to leading OG Kitchens to be The true ?Eco? kitchen creator driven by his values.

    When you join us at our May 12th business networking educational seminar, you will learn how the evolutionary path of OG Kitchens came to be and help apply those learnings to your business.


    This journey for OG Kitchens has not been easy ? surviving the sudden departure of a business partner, a global pandemic, the impending and actual impact of BREXIT to name just a few of the challenges Mark has faced.

    By staying true to his principles and knowing the digital to destination route was critical to success, learn how Marks ?bumps? in the road combined with steadfast vision and ability to seize opportunities have created many points of learning.

    Taking the company on its journey to being truly ?Eco? has lead Mark to create strategic partnerships with people across the world.

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    Mark will share his insights and in doing so will discuss the importance of

    • Using your values to create conditions for people to buy.
    • Accepting not everyone can be your customer.
    • Adaptability ? and how it is critical to growth.
    • Curiosity ? and how it can lead to unique opportunities.
    • Supplier relationships VS strategic partnerships aligned to values.
    • Robust processes to support the customer journey.
    • Enhancing health through our home environment.

    From this educational business networking seminar you will learn its OK to have a laser like focus on who you serve, how you serve them and weave your beliefs and values into what you stand for  in your Business.

    To join us schedule a call with Tracy and see how we can help you grow your network, raise your profile and get support towards your business values and goals.

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  • June: Thursday 10th, Online Networking Event

    Time - 10:15

    Presenter - Lisa Carew of NMS Recruit

    Topic - Recruiting and retaining in 2021

    Lisa Carew will lead a seminar on helping you understand the power of having a robust values based route to recruitment.

    Lisa will share 7 critical tips to help you improve your recruitment process and cover the importance of

    • Why is it so important to recruit the right people for your company?
    • Understanding company?s and candidates? needs   
    • Spread the news
    • The importance of complete, correct and specific information
    • Plan and structure your job interviews
    • How to Conduct tests and assessments
    • How to properly communicate with applicants
    • Value your time and the applicants' time

    Join us at this seminar and improve your recruitment process and success rate for bringing the best people on board to your company. 

    To book lets chat first - book a call with Tracy to see how we can help!

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  • July: Thursday 8th, TBC

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  


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"I just wanted to write and thank you for such a great afternoon. Every lunch I come to I have a great time, meet new people and always come away with useful contacts and future leads. Today's raffle donation was ?140 which is fantastic and takes your total raised this year to ?515 as well as kindly allowing me to attend the lunches so I really appreciate your support. We will write a formal thank you but wanted to send this in the mean time while I'm fresh from 'Boom Whacking'!"

Laura Irving
Claire House Childrens Hospice

"The Business Network is one of the best networking organisations that I know and I have been a member of Manchester for five years. Helen Bennett is truly exceptional at what she does and in Tracy and Hayley she has chosen two people in her own mould to run The Chester Business Network. I am a founder member of The Chester Business Network and have recently re-signed for a second year because it?s dynamic, interesting and very productive. I can thoroughly recommend it as a source of new business opportunities, inspirational ideas ? and it?s good fun! "

Moray Newberry
Monitor Creative