This is the Business Network that connects diverse, successful, ambitious Businesses in the Chester, Flintshire, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Deeside and Wrexham Industrial Estates.

Every monthly networking event is carefully planned, to ensure our members are meeting the people they want to meet. 

Our network events leave nothing to chance - and our carefully planned tables are crafted using our detailed member knowledge.

This knowledge ensure people are meeting new contacts, people they have told us they want to meet, be it to buy and sell.

This careful planning allows members and guests to network with purpose, in a relaxed environment, where the focus is building long term relationships, based on a principle of "know, like, trust". 

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Tracy Griffiths  T:0844 310 1400

b: The Business Network Chester Members Blog

Hayley Brown T:07554 668 712 


September always feels like the real start of the year. With so many working parents its symbolic and simpler - to consider September the TRUE new networking year. Read More...

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What members and guests say

"The Business Network Chester is by far and away the best business networking group I have ever been part of and it's entirely down to the energy that Tracy and Hayley put into it. It is a pleasure to come to every event; I always come away with either a lead or a useful piece of information and think you do a superb job of running the show. Congratulations to you both!"

Kirsty Craig
Kirsty Craig Associates