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7 Powerful Tips for Salespeople on Setting Effective Personal Goals in 2023

Happy New Year – and may 2023 be a prosperous and fulfilling year for you and yours!

With that aspiration in mind, I’d like to pose an important question about goals, a big question we make a habit of sharing with our clients at this time of year. Every December, it seems, we set goals for ourselves (sometimes also known as “resolutions”) in a well-meaning effort to create sustainable positive change in our lives. And every January or February (or maybe March in a good year), most of us look back on those goals with a mixture of stress, denial, and regret because we know we didn’t follow through on them in the way we’d hoped we would. So the big question is, how do we break that cycle and set goals that stick? Here are seven powerful goal-setting tips we share with our clients that turn “resolutions” into results.  

#1 Tie the goal to something truly important to you as a person. (Spoiler alert: It isn’t money.)


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