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Who is the best person to speak to in your networking group?

I am regularly asked who people should speak to at networking events?

It would be very easy to say everyone as you don’t know who knows who. The next person you speak to could know your next best client but let’s be a little strategic about this. In professions who could be the best person to get to know well in your group.

These are purely my opinion and looking forward to hearing your suggestions?


Coming in at number four is – The Solicitor

Depending on the sector they work in solicitors get to know what is happening earlier than most peoples as they are looking after leases and acquisitions for their clients so they will know about property moves, construction issues and increases in staff.

A close third or joint fourth is – The HR Specialist

Again they are aware of any changes in a firm’s structure and location that may affect staff or requirements. HR advisors tend to work with companies on a weekly or even daily basis so they are very close to the management.

Not quite there but at number two is – The Accountant

The accountant is the trusted advisor, most of us will go to their accountant for advice on where to source services. They deal with many different industries and again they are close to the management and directors of the companies they work for.

Topping the charts at number one is – The Business Advisor

Business coaches and advisors go under many headings, but they are brought in to advise and challenge the business leader. They make sure they are working effectively and efficiently but also ensuring they are looking at growth. Again, a trusted advisor and knowing a business coach may be the ideal introduction into your next best client. They will be asked who do they know?

Of course, as a networking host I am constantly being asked who I know to help a member out with an introduction to a supplier or potential client so I would certainly advice getting to know your networking host but what ever networking you do make sure you get those valuable 1-2-1 done as you never know where they will lead you to.

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